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Plianced brings together exciting features to make it industry's most popular professional network for Compliance

Plianced is revolutionizing Compliance

It is building the world’s largest regulatory tech platform, powered by an expert network, to help businesses manage compliance risks.

Plianced is hyper-focused on solving the ‘information gap’ problem in Compliance, which is among the top  concerns for CEOs and Boards across industry today.

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One membership covers it all

Plianced is a SaaS product, with one membership that includes everything a compliance professional needs from a professional network.

Learn from courses run by vetted experts, find exciting jobs that fit your career progression, or engage vetted experts to solve your vexing compliance issues.

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Everything an Expert needs to run his business

Experts often rely on their personal connections to get assignments, which can lead to an unsteady pipeline of work.

Plianced is committed to help experts, with its tech platform where you create and publish your trainings, and get matched with the right client projects.

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Tying it all together with modern tech and AI

At its core, Plianced is a tech platform with cutting edge video, data and analytics tools that bring a cohesive learning and networking platform.

Modern AI is used to recommend the best courses and jobs for you, while respecting your privacy and protecting your data.

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Trusted by 3,500+ brands worldwide

Find an expert for your consulting work

Tell us more about what you're trying to solve, and we will match you with the right expert. Go ahead and give it a try!

Plianced has over 700 expert profiles covering a broad section of regulatory expertise, including FDA, AML, OSHA, HR and others. And this list is growing fast.
Now a business can find the right expert at the click of a button – sharply reducing the time to get a first answer on vexing compliance issues, or to get a compliance project done.

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